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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Facilities

University Library Resources, Services, and Facility

Students turn to the Christopher Center Library to reach a level of independence in finding resources and in understanding the mechanics of information; utilizing computers for retrieval; and reading, interpreting, and writing citations. They learn information-seeking skills, including how to articulate their research needs. Most importantly, students learn how to evaluate information, find different viewpoints, and recognize the biases of any author through customized assistance. The library faculty provide course-specific, assignment-based information literacy instruction in collaboration with each academic college, as well as through individual student research appointments.

The Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources has an important place in student academic achievement. It is home to all University library faculty and staff, services, resources, and materials; the publicly accessible Help Desk for Information Technology; the Academic Success Center; the Access and Accommodations Resource Center; the campus Writing Center; and the University Archives and Special Collections. At 105,000 square feet, the building provides a comfortable atmosphere for research, inquiry, discussion, and study. With 178 public computers, 30 charging stations, three fireplace lounges, a gourmet coffee shop, and dozens of group study spaces, students will find the Christopher Center to be a modern, state-of-the-art campus facility to meet their research needs. It can hold a total of 600,000 library volumes, both on open bookshelves throughout the building and within its robotic high density storage and retrieval system.

The Library plays an important role in scholarly communication by organizing print and electronic information for easy retrieval. Accessible via the Library’s home page, library.valpo.edu, the Library offers access to scholarly information across academic disciplines within more than 55,000 journals, 150,000 e-books, and approximately 190 electronic databases. The Library’s discovery tool (Summon), searches most of the library’s paid content (articles, books, etc.) on one platform. An online public catalog of its holdings, primarily books in print and electronic format, is searchable in a variety of ways. The Christopher Center holds the Moellering Collection, which is comprised of more than 340,000 volumes, adding approximately 4,000 new print volumes each year. In addition, the campus community may access over 8,800 e-books through the catalog. Students may request interlibrary loan service for articles and books that are not held locally. New services and resources are continuously evaluated for selection, acquisition, and organization to support the mission of the University.

Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (IT) coordinates and manages all aspects of technology on campus. From servers and data networks to communications systems and classroom technology, IT assists the campus community in a multitude of ways.

The Valparaiso University Network

IT manages services which provide secure email, websites, administrative data, shared file space, network printing, general productivity software, discipline-specific applications, and many other functions.

Residence hall rooms, offices, classrooms, laboratories, and special-purpose computer labs are connected to the Valparaiso University network via wired or wireless access. This network provides access to the internet, printing, network storage space, library resources, and a variety of other applications. For those living off campus or away from campus, the department has provided opportunities to connect to campus computers that may contain important software programs to which users might not otherwise have access.

Computer Access for Students

While students are welcome to come to campus with personal computers, laptops, tablets, personal printers and mobile devices, they also have access to computers and printers all across campus. Each residence hall has a computer lab open 24 hours per day for residents with multiple workstations and network printer access. All residence hall rooms have both wired and wireless access available, allowing those who bring their own computers and/or smart-TVs to connect to the campus network. For non-residential students, there is a computer lab in the Harre Union that is also available 24 hours per day through access with their Valpo ID (OneCard). Other computer labs and printers are located across campus in academic buildings and the Christopher Center (Library). Many campus printers can be accessed wirelessly from personal computers using our PaperCut system as well, which allows students access to an established quota from which they may print all year.

Assistance with Resources

The IT Help Desk, located on the first floor of the Christopher Center, is managed by professional staff and student consultants who will answer technology-related questions and route service requests (ITickets) to technical staff. The Help Desk should be the first stop for assistance with campus technology, and is accessible in a variety of ways, including online (valpo.edu/IT), email (helpdesk@valpo.edu), phone (219.464.5678), and in person.

The IT staff can assist with questions regarding email, web browsers, anti-virus/anti-malware applications, printing, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, an online course management system, an online registration and records system, statistical analysis software, presentation graphics, mobile device connectivity, and more. If a campus member needs assistance with technology, the IT team is there to help!

In addition to the above-mentioned services, the IT department also provides access to the entire online learning library of LinkedIn Learning. This personal and professional resource provides 24-hour access to thousands of video-based courses on business, technical, and creative topics for learners of all levels via any device connected to the internet. We encourage all students, faculty and staff to check out this free resource to gain new knowledge and support developing passions!


The Bookstore, located in the Harre Union, stocks all required textbooks. In addition, the Bookstore sells a variety of supplies, flash drives, CDs, gift items, and clothing. Evening hours are usually posted at the beginning of each semester.

Textbooks are available one to two weeks prior to the beginning of a term and are posted by department and course on their web site valpo.edu/bookcenter.

Textbooks are usually available both in new and used condition. Students who do not wish to keep textbooks after a course has been completed may resell books to the Bookstore at any time during store hours. The Bookstore has extended hours during the last week of the examination period.

Harre Union

The Harre Union provides a comprehensive program of social, cultural, recreational, spiritual, and educational activities that complement the mission of the University. The Harre Union includes the following services: Welcome Desk, University Bookstore, Games and Recreation Area, Student Mail Services, Dining Services, 24-hour computer lab/lounge, Career Center, ATM machine, and lockers. There are a number of leagues and tournaments for students. All services are for graduate and undergraduate students.

Meal Plan and Dining Services

Dining Services is located primarily in the Harre Union. The Marion Breen Founder’s Table offers a wide variety of menu choices, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These services are available throughout the day and evening. Grinders’ is another coffee shop located in the Christopher Center and available mid-day and evening hours.

Students, faculty, and staff can purchase food by paying cash, credit card, or utilizing their campus OneCard to access a prepaid, meal plan account.

Chapel of the Resurrection

Valparaiso University is associated with the Lutheran Church, but it endeavors to assist in serving the religious and spiritual needs of persons of all denominations. A 10:30 am Eucharist service is conducted every Sunday and on most religious festival days. When the University is in session, there is also an 8:45 am service. Weekday services are conducted at 10:00 am when the University is in session. Each Wednesday evening a contemporary service is held at 10:00 pm in Gloria Christi Chapel (lower chapel). There is also a 10:00 pm candlelight service on Sundays when the University is in session. For more information, call 219.464.5093.

Athletics-Recreation Center (ARC)

The Athletics-Recreation Center is open to all VU students. The ARC offers racquetball and basketball courts, swimming, indoor track, and tennis courts. To use these facilities, students are required to show a valid ID card which may be obtained at the Christopher Center.


All students who drive to campus must purchase a parking permit and have it properly displayed in their car. Green permits are $100 per semester or $165 per academic year. Blue and Orange permits are $140 per semester, or $250 per academic year. A parking permit may be obtained from the University OneCard Office located in the Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources. Some spaces are designated for various University clients, i.e., visitors, handicapped persons, and faculty. Illegally parked vehicles and those without proper parking permits will be ticketed. Parking in fire lanes or areas with red curbs carries a fine and possible towing (at owner’s expense). Please see the parking map on the web for additional information: valpo.edu/aux/parking.

Living Accommodations

The University provides limited housing options for graduate students, and private apartments are frequently available near the campus. Information on off-campus housing may be obtained by contacting the Office of Residential Life.

Students not residing in University residences may use University dining facilities in the Harre Union.

University Student Health Center

Full-time graduate students may use the Student Health Center. Medical insurance programs are available to graduate students upon payment of a special premium. Contact the Graduate Office for additional information.

Office of Multicultural Programs

The Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) acts as a hub for diversity and inclusion on campus, with a focus on supporting underrepresented student populations. The OMP supports the student body and University community by concentrating on four key areas: leadership in diverse communities, education, celebration, and retention of underrepresented populations.

Having many diverse cultures represented on campus gives the OMP the chance to celebrate with our students. Students are given the opportunity to increase their appreciation of people and experiences that are vastly different from their own. VU students have the chance to celebrate the world we live in through their connections to fellow students and multicultural and multi-ethnic events and celebrations.

Students have the opportunity to lead through participation in affinity-based student organizations. The OMP advises four student organizations: Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition (AAPIC), Alliance (LGBTQ+), Black Student Organization (BSO), and Latinos in Valparaiso for Excellence (LIVE). All students are invited to be involved with these groups. Students that are involved will practice and refine the social, financial, and practical skills needed to lead in any diverse community.

To help retain underrepresented populations at VU, the OMP has developed, and features, one mentoring program and two genderbased affinity groups that work to ensure the persistence of all our students. “Smart Connections” is a strong peer-mentoring program that focuses on first-year students and connects them to an upperclassman in a big brother/sister style relationship. Students are matched 1-on-1 with a “pace setting peer” who is trained to help students get connected and navigate the first year. Women of Worth (WOW) and the Male Empowerment Network (MEN) give students the opportunity to connect with Valpo alumni and others as they pave their pathway to a successful future.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Facilitative Education Office

The Sexual Assault Awareness and Facilitative Education (SAAFE) Office provides advocacy services to individuals of all gender identities who are inquiring regarding a Title IX related issue. Title IX violations include sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence. The SAAFE Office meets with students at their request, and provides the student with information about their rights, resources, and options in dealing with Title IX violations, and offers support to students in their decision making process. All of this occurs with strict confidentiality. The SAAFE Office also provides support services for those who experience sexual violence, as well as friends and family of the student. The office offers individual and group crisis counseling related to gender, sex, and relationship issues. The SAAFE Office trains students in a variety of topics in their work of sustaining a culture of respect across genders as a means to broaden awareness of gender identities, sexual and relationship issues, and to aid in the prevention of and response to sexual assault, harassment, stalking, dating, and domestic violence.

The SAAFE Office provides multiple student-led services. SAAFE advocates provide outreach programs for students through various campus sponsored programs and events. All student organizations and campus groups may request a variety of outreach programs and facilitations ranging from informational to interactive workshops and related subjects. There are SAAFE Resource Ambassadors who offer written materials, access to helpful resources, websites, program and educational PowerPoints, Prezi, and animated videos to students. There are SAAFE and Empowering Organizations (SEO)- Athletics Division and SAAFE and Empowering Organizations (SEO)- Greek Division. Each of these organizations works to sustain a culture of respect between and across genders. Check SAAFE’s website for further information on programs offered by these organizations.

To schedule an appointment with SAAFE, please call 219.464.6860 or email saafe.office@valpo.edu. The SAAFE Office is located on the LaPorte Avenue side of Alumni Hall. The website for SAAFE is valpo.edu/rec-well/advocacy-and-prevention/saafe-advocates. Emergency access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 219.929.7087.

Access and Accommodations Resource Center (AARC)

Valparaiso University’s Access and Accommodations Resource Center coordinates university efforts to provide access and opportunity to students with disabilities, including students who have disabilities that are non-apparent. Students wanting to learn more about services or accommodations available to those with a documented disability should contact the AARC. Inquiries should be directed to the director of the AARC at 219.464.5206 or by email at aarc@valpo.edu. Please note that students diagnoses remain confidential, despite communication with various entities on campus regarding students’ needs.

Steps involved in receiving accommodations from the AARC:

  1. Schedule an intake appointment with the staff of the Access and Accommodations Resource Center (AARC). This can be done by contacting the AARC located in CCLIR 165, or emailing them at aarc@valpo.edu.
  2. After the student has disclosed a disability, AARC will ask for documentation of the disability.
  3. AARC will review the documentation and determine the following
    • Does the student’s condition rise to the level of a disability as defined in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with the Americans With Disabilities Act amended in 2008?
    • What are the functional limitations of the disability in an educational setting?
    • What, if any, accommodations would be reasonable and appropriate for the student?
  4. If a student’s documentation verifies the need to receive accommodations, staff in the AARC will produce an accommodation letter that will be distributed to the student’s professors and academic advisor. These letters will verify disability (diagnosis not stated) and list reasonable accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss the listed accommodations with the professors and to arrange the usage of accommodations when applicable.
  5. If a student has problems relative to the provision of accommodations, the student should contact the AARC.

For further information, please refer to Valparaiso University’s Access and Accommodations Resource Center website: valpo.edu/access-and-accommodations-resource-center.