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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Students who choose the Business Administration degree may select from seven majors: Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, International Business, Management, or Marketing.

Major Requirements

Freshman Core Program: 8 Cr.

Theology: 3 Cr.

Writing Intensive Course (WIC): 3 Cr.

Writing in the Discipline (WID)

Cultural Diversity: 11 Cr.

World Language: 8 Cr.

One of the Following Options:

  • Courses numbered 102 and 203 in a world language in which the student has more than one year of high school credit
  • Courses numbered 101 and 102 in a world language which the student has not taken before
  • For nonimmigrant visa international students whose native language is not English, thereis no world language requirement providing they have completed ENGL 101 , ENGL 102 , ENGL 103 , or ENGL 200 - Literary Studies 
Cultural Diversity Course: 3 Cr.

One of the Following Options:

  • Three-credit course from a specified list of approved diversity courses
  • Semester abroad in one of the International Study Programs, or the Washington Semester Program

Humanities: 3 Cr.

One Course From the Following Options:

  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy (except PHIL 145 )

Social Science: 3 Cr.

  • Choose one three-credit course from geography (designated), political science and international relations, social work (designated), sociology, or gender studies (Note 4)

Natural Science: 7-8 Cr.

Quantitative Analysis: 4 Cr.

Healthy Lifestyles: 1 Cr.

One of the Following Options:

Total General Education: 59-60 Cr.

Business Core


  1. The free electives in the BSBA degree for the majors of Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain and Logistics Management vary depending upon whether the student takes a 3 or 4 credit natural sciences course (with lab). If a student takes a 3-credit natural sciences course with lab, then the student has the greater value for free electives; if a student takes a 4 credit natural sciences course with lab, then the student has the lesser value for free electives. The free electives by majors are Accounting: 4 or 5 credits, Business Analytics: 6 credits; Finance: 6 or 7 credits; International Business: 4 or 5 credits; Management: 7 or 8 credits; Marketing: 7 or 8 credits; Supply Chain and Logistics Management: 7 credits.
  2. No more than six credits combined from performance music, ensemble music, and KIN 100  - KIN 149 may be applied toward a degree; one credit is applied directly to KIN 100 , up to three credits can be applied toward the Humanities Fine and Performing Arts, and any excess credits are applied as free electives.
  3. No more than six credits from cooperative education and/or internship may be applied toward the degree; two credits are applied directly to cooperative education and/or internship requirement and any excess credits are applied as free electives.
  4. Courses in economics do not satisfy the social sciences requirement in the College of Business.