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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bioengineering, BSBE

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Major Requirements (Minimum 126 Cr.)

One course from the following options:

One course from the following options:

Total Bioengineering Core Credits: 107 Cr.

One of the following three tracks:


Writing Intensive Course (as indicated by a superscript “w”)

At least course taken to satisfy the World Languages/Diversity Elective, Humanities, Social Science, and Theology Electives, THEO 200 - The Christian Tradition , or ME 201  must be a Writing Intensive Course. A list of courses approved as a Writing Intensive Course is provided on General Education Requirements .

Writing in the Discipline (as indicated by a superscript “d”)

At least one course must be a Writing in the Discipline course.

Cooperative Education

Courses GE 481 -GE 483  are graded S/U only.

World Language/Diversity Elective

Students will take three credits from either world languages at the 102 level or above or from the diversity list beginning on General Education Requirements .

Humanities, Social Science, Theology Electives

Students will take six credits from the approved list of Humanities courses, Social Sciences courses, or Theology courses. Courses may be from the same area or from different areas. See General Education Requirements  for Humanities and Social Sciences courses.

MCAT Preparation

Students participating in the Biomedical Track that wish to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) should take SOC 110 - Introduction to Sociology  (3 credits that count towards Humanities, Social Science, Theology Electives) and PSY 110 - General Psychology  (3 credits).

Bioengineering Electives

Additional bioengineering and mechanical engineering courses are to be selected to provide areas of individual study emphasis from the following courses: BE 200 , BE 468 , ME 253 , ME 353 , ME 361 , ME 362 , ME 364 , ME 365 , ME 366 , ME 367 , ME 368 , ME 369 , ME 374 , ME 405 , ME 452, ME 453 , ME 455 , ME 456 , ME 457 , ME 467 , and multiple sections of BE 490  or ME 490 . Other courses may be used to satisfy this elective with the approval of the department faculty. Only three hours of BE 499  or ME 499  course credits may be applied as an BE elective.

Courses which fulfill bioengineering elective requirements are indicated with a superscript “b”: (…)b.

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