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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Professors Heckler, A. Kessler (chair), Orchard, R.A. White; Assistant Professor Gutshall.

The Theatre Department prepares students for service to a society in which knowledge of the theatre arts is critical to success in a variety of professional vocations including communication, education, entertainment, the law, and religion. The program is designed to engage students in studies of the rich heritage of theatre arts and dance in Western and non-Western cultures. The co-curriculum provides students with opportunities for disciplined creative expression.

The department serves: (1) majors and minors who are preparing for careers in theatre and allied disciplines or in industries where knowledge of theatre production is required; (2) students who take the academic courses to meet the General Education Requirements or who find courses in drama and dance to be attractive components of a liberal arts education; and (3) participants in faculty-supervised co-curricular theatre and dance productions as a way of enriching their lives.

The department offers students a wide range of studies including acting, dance, design, directing, production, technology, and writing. Moreover, the study of dramatic literature is given special prominence in the curriculum.

Approval of Schedules

All students pursuing a major or minor in Theatre must have their schedules approved by the chair of the department or a designated departmental advisor at the beginning of each semester.

The University Theatre

A co-curricular venue for the study and practice of theatre art, the University Theatre is also a community of thoughtful student and faculty artists and craftspeople serving the students of Valparaiso University. By bringing to the public stage productions of classic and contemporary plays, the University Theatre offers its campus, local, and regional audiences the opportunity to explore the human condition and to celebrate the richness of life itself. The University Theatre is dedicated to excellence in play production, to the development of the skills of understanding, analysis, preparation, and performance of plays in students who are committed to vocations in the theatre, and to the enrichment of the lives of all those who participate in its activities.

The University Theatre’s programs include a season of four major productions, an annual concert of dance, experimental theatre, student-directed plays, and theatre outreach performances. Theatre work is focused in performance, production, and management. Advanced students regularly supervise in all areas. Majors in the department are expected to participate actively and frequently in the programs of the University Theatre.

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