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2022-2023 General Catalog 
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Professor Peller; Associate Professors R. Clark, Goyne, Holt, C. Iceman, K. Jantzi (chair); Assistant Professors Pruet, P. Smith.

Chemistry is the discipline that studies the fundamental nature of matter and the changes in energy and properties accompanying compositional changes in matter. As a scientific discipline, chemistry is firmly rooted in the liberal arts tradition, placing emphasis on the development of intellectual capability and judgment. Yet it is also a very practical discipline dealing with the fundamental technology of matter that affects our environment and our society. Because of the nature of the discipline, a wide diversity of careers is possible with a chemistry major. These range from industrial product development to academic research, from medical and paramedical careers to forensic (law enforcement) chemistry. Government, industry, schools, and universities and many private institutions, such as museums, have a variety of openings for chemists. About two-thirds of Valparaiso University’s chemistry graduates continue their education in graduate, medical, or professional school. In almost every instance, those who go to graduate school receive complete financial support in the form of a fellowship or an assistantship.

The programs of the department provide balance between theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry. Opportunities for carrying out directed or honors work research are available. A wide selection of instruments is maintained for student use in instructional laboratory work and research. The department is approved by the American Chemical Society for the training of professional chemists, including the biochemistry option, and the Beta Sigma Chapter of the Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemistry Honorary Society is located here. A student may choose to work toward a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry or a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry.

Pre-Medical Arts Programs

A major in chemistry or biochemistry is an appropriate preparation for admission into professional schools and programs such as medicine, dentistry, hospital administration, medical technology, optometry, osteopathy, physical therapy, podiatry, public health, veterinary medicine, and other allied health fields. Further information may be obtained from the chair of the department or members of the Committee on Pre-Medical Arts.

Chemical Engineering

The College of Engineering offers a minor in engineering. Combining an engineering minor with a major in chemistry will prepare students who wish to pursue further studies in chemical engineering. Further information may be obtained from the chair of the Chemistry Department or the College of Engineering assistant dean for student success.


The Department of Chemistry offers two majors, chemistry and biochemistry, with five degree options. In addition to the courses listed below, all majors are expected to register for CHEM 499 - Chemistry Colloquium  every semester.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club, an affiliate of the American Chemical Society, provides extracurricular opportunities for students interested in chemistry.

Cooperative Education

Qualified students may combine semesters in chemical research at a professional work site with other semesters of traditional academic studies on campus. Although this program will probably extend the participating student’s college education beyond the normal four years, the students will be financially reimbursed by the cooperating employer and also receive credit toward the chemistry major. No more than six credits earned in Cooperative Education may be applied toward minimum requirements of the major in Chemistry. Enrollment in this program is limited by the availability of positions offered by suitable cooperating companies. Eligible students are junior or senior chemistry majors who have completed CHEM 222 , with a cumulative grade point average of 2.500 in their mathematics and science courses. For further information, refer to Cooperative Education, College of Arts and Sciences .

Credit by Examination

Credit for CHEM 121  and CHEM 122  may be earned through the College Level Examination Program subject examination in General Chemistry or through the Advanced Placement Examination in Chemistry. Credit for CHEM 121  may be earned through the International Baccalaureate Program subject examination in Chemistry.

Approval of Schedules

All students taking a major or a minor in chemistry must have their schedules approved by their departmental advisor at the beginning of each semester.

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